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20 years after the release of CLAWFINGERS Debut-Album “Deaf, Dumb, Blind” it seems like the perfect timing to release an anniversary box reminding their fans just how great Clawfinger was and still is. And because it describes the physical and also artistic development of the band perfectly, the anniversary box will be called “Deafer, Dumber, Blinder”.
The Story of Clawfinger begins in a hospital in Sweden called Rosegrove – yes, like their song. In just this place destiny brought together a group of young men and as coincidence wanted it, all passionate for music. Between wiping bums, brushing false teeth and feeding senile souls, Jocke, Erlend, Baard and Zak decided to form a band. And so, in the smoking room of the Rosegrove hospital, Clawfinger took its first steps in their musical career. Soon enough, they ended up recording songs together in Jockes apartment – he lived with a former member auf the Swedish boy group called “Drama” and therefore had a studio available to them. And the music they created together was something else: the mixture of Jocke coming out of body music, Baard coming from traditional hard rock and heavy metal, Erlend enjoying a mixture of metal and alternative rock and Zak coming from rock and punk created a completely new music style: different and original, and most of all: it worked!
In 1991 another stroke of fate helped them get their first record deal. Before even having a complete album together, a friend of Zak’s, who worked for a famous Swedish radio station, helped them get their demo tape in the program “Demo Of The Week” – and not long after that they were signed by one of the most prestigious independent labels from Sweden: MVG Records and so it all began
In spring 1993 “Deaf, Dumb, Blind” hit the market and the inevitable followed. After seven albums, winning several awards, touring throughout the world, great collaborations and last
gadget records ag / heinrichstrasse 269 / ch-8005 zurich / switzerland/ phone +41 43 501 08 88, fax +41 44 501 08 86,
but not least having a hell of a good time, Clawfinger is saying thank you and goodbye to their oh so loyal fans with this anniversary box. The box contains unpublished Demos, B- Sides, never seen interview clips, alternative versions and a bag full of live material. A lot of the material is over 15 years old, which gives you the chance to see the young and uprising Band as they were in the very beginning of their career. And as a special “something, something”, the entire DVD of their performance at the Woodstock Festival in Poland of 2009 is included in the box. This is a big fucking thank you from the band, to those among you, who have stuck around from the way beginning to the very end.
Will they ever have a comeback? No. But none the less their musical legacy will remain and continue to find new listeners, provoke, irritate and inspire people.


1993 Deaf Dumb Blind
1995 Use Your Brain
1997 Clawfinger
2001 A Whole Lot of Nothing
2003 Zeros & Heroes
2005 Hate Yourself with Style
2007 Life Will Kill You


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