On november 4th, a heavenly body (“Himmelskörper”) including its crew will crash land on planet earth – an endless wasteland, scarred by crises and terror. The world that Heldmaschine depict on their new “Himmelskörper” album mirrors the dark side of our existence - uncertainty, fear and xenophobia are the daily fare.
All of these issues incited the band, which only last year instigated an entire "Refugee Aid" charity festival. Fueled by the ongoing refugee crisis and the almost daily terrorist attacks, current world events run like a golden thread through the new work of the quintet.
“What drove us is that powder keg of fear, spin and future-uncertainty, because it deeply concerns and touches us as human beings” mouthpieces singer René regarding the “Himmelskörper” origins.
Between sharp industrial riffs, drilling electro sounds and that classic original force of german industrial rock music, the frontman and chief lyricist always stays right on target with his sometimes cynical, sometimes serious bonds when topics like sexual addiction ("Sexschuss" / Sex shot, "Auf allen Vieren" / On all fours), truth ("Alles Eins" / All is one) or transience ("Spieglein, Spieglein" / Mirror, mirror, "Dünnes Eis" / Thin ice) are being vocalized.
Nevertheless, for the band there is always the first rule: NO forefinger. "We want to draw attention to those issues rather than be lecturing," says Heldmaschine drummer Dirk.
But Heldmaschine would not be Heldmaschine if there weren’t a good portion of sarcasm and quite a twinkle in their eyes: While "®" is a nice greeting to all those who still come crawling with the tiring Rammstein comparison, "Sexschuss" is the first harbinger of that celestial body (“Himmelskörper”) on earth. This first single comes with a racy video in truest Heldmaschine fashion, following their "Propaganda", "Weiter!" and "Wer einmal lügt" cinematic highlights. Once again, sought-after producer and director Mark Feuerstake shows off his ingenious and absurd ideas this time.
When "Himmelskörper" will appear on november 4th, it will indeed be the fourth Heldmaschine album and they all agree: It's their most mature and independent one to date.
This of course needs some live proof: Heldmaschine tour Germany and Austria supporting fellow german rockers ‘Megaherz’ and ‘Erdling’ until the end of this year. Yet in February 2017, their "Himmelskörper" tour will send them as headliners all across Germany again to spread their heavenly messages.


2012 Weichen und Zunder
2014 Propaganda
2015 Lügen
2016 Himmelskörper


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