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Saturday 5th
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If your talking about today’s European top metal acts the discussion is heading straight towards Primal Fear. Former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of the most respected German metal musicians founded the band in late 1997. They recorded their first Primal Fear songs for the Japan based record company JVC Records and signed a deal with JVC for their debut album some weeks later. Germany's best kept secret was soon a target for most of the European record companies and the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in early 1998 for the rest of the world. The debut album, simply called Primal Fear was released in March 1998 and entered the German album charts straight ahead on position 48, soon followed by chart success in Japan. After touring together with Running Wild and Hammerfall. The second PF album Jaws Of Death entered the German Charts on position 49 in July 1999, followed by their first headlining World Tour. A kind of PF hysteria broke free and surprised all metalheads, who couldn't understand, what kind of thunder was raging above them!

In this fantastic mood, PF started the songwriting for Nuclear Fire. The result was their heaviest and strongest album so far. Typical PF trademarks like twin guitar solos, killer riffs and a catchy choruses marks Nuclear Fire as a classic. Nuclear Fire has set new standards and charted in Germany Pos. 37, Italy Pos. 71, Switzerland Pos. 77 and Japan Pos. 23! The following headlining European Tour with “Children Of Bodom” was a huge success and Primal Fear were named as one of the hottest live bands. Their 4th album Black Sun released on April 29th 2002 The album was mixed this time at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso/Texas. Black Sun. The following tour through Europe and 11 countries, followed by a fantastic and successful tour through South America in December 2002 with the highlight show in Sao Paulo/Brazil at the Via Funchal. In April/May 2003 the band headed to their first US & Canada tour to be a part of the Metal Gods Tour together with Halford, Testament and others.

At the Wacken Open Air 2003, the band finally introduced Randy Black as their new, permanent drummer, who just left “Annihilator” days before. The long awaited first DVD The History Of Fear was released in September 2003 including a superb digipak packaging with fantastic reviews by the metal press. During this time, the Metal Commando was actually in the recording studio and started the sessions for their new album Devils Ground. A killer video clip was shot in Stockholm/Sweden for the first single of the album Metal Is Forever - a hymn for eternity and all metal maniacs!

After a short break, the band started the songwriting for their sixth album Seven Seals and this album was a new start and a fresh breath to reload the sound of the band. Mike Frazer mixed the album at the legendary Warehouse Studio in Vancouver/Canada. The album was released in October 2005 and charted in Germany, Sweden and Japan. The media hugely responded to PF’s new masterpiece and the album was voted best album in Metal Hammer and more magazines. The band toured together with Helloween for 3 month through Europe, followed by an extensive tour in Japan. Mat Sinner’s book biography The Book Of Seven Seals was released in the middle of the tour and the great packaging was sold out in a short time. At the peak of their career, Primal Fear ended up the long time partnership with Nuclear Blast and signed a worldwide multi album deal with Frontiers Records. Both Nuclear Blast and JVC released a final BEST OF album Metal Is Forever, which was a huge success in Japan and stayed for over three month in the Burrn Album Charts.

The first album for Frontiers Records was released in September 2007 and named New Religion. Epica's lead singer Simone Simons was invited to studio to sing the first duet in

Primal Fear recording history, the song Everytime It Rains. And another now PF classic song is surprising with a huge wall of atmosphere and drama Fighting The Darkness, divided in 3 different parts. After a three month European Tour, a headlining Japan tour and a co- headlining visit at the Progpower Festival in Atlanta/USA.

16.6 - was a kind of mystery title to the fans. The album was released worldwide in May 200. 16.6 charted in Germany on Pos 46 of the album charts and the following 16.6 World Tour was a great success incl. shows in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, South America, USA, Canada & an extensive European tour. A video clip was released for the song “Six Times Dead”.
Some shows in the USA and Europe were recorded and ended up in the first official LIVE album Live In The USA and the concert DVD All Over The World incl. a playtime of 3 hours and total metal mayhem, video clips and backstage scenes. A must for Primal Fear fans, followers & supporters.

The band announced their next album, titled UNBREAKABLE was released in January 2012 incl. the first single / video BAD GUYS WEAR BLACK. Unbreakable us the worldwide most successful album of the band and charted in Germany #31, Sweden #48, Finland #50, Japan #27, Austria #74, Switzerland #51, Netherland and in the US Billboard Heatseekers for the first time on #44. The following Metal Nation European Tour through 10 countries was a great success. The summer festival season incl. shows @ Graspop, Bang Your Head and more was very well reviewed and the Youtube Hit STRIKE was released as the second video clip of the album.

In Summer 2013 the band was heading back to the studio and recorded their most ambitious album so far DELIVERING THE BLACK with producer Mat Sinner and mixer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat) and recorded 12 new songs. The direction is very heavy and demanding - the compositions on a new dimension. The first single / video WHEN DEATH COMES KNOCKING will be released in mid December, followed by the album release on January 24, 2014. The band will embarked on a headlining world tour in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Japan. Fantastic chart position followed: Germany #13, Switzerland #38, Japan #48, Österreich #64, Finland #44, USA Heatseeker #16

Nach kurzer kreativer Ruhepause ging es an das Songwriting für das im Januar 2016 erschienene Album “RULEBREAKER” – klar definiertes Ziel: hart, dominant, Riffs und neben Ralf’s Stimme alle Trademarks der Primal Fear History zu integrieren. Ein Album für die Fans, produziert von Mat Sinner und gemischt von Jacob Hansen. Die erste Single & Video des Album „The End Is Near“ war repräsentativ für das Album und die Band bekam von den Fans und den Medien grossartiges Feedback, wie auch für das Album und die erste offizielle Chartplatzierung in den USA Billboard Charts auf Pos. 150, gefolgt von Deutschland #19, Japan #11, Schweiz #35, Österreich#60, Schweden #12, Czech Rep #15, USA #11 (Hard Rock Album), #8 (Top New Artists). PRIMAL FEAR schlugen im Jahr 2016 ihren hauseigenen Rekord mit weit über 100 Shows als Headliner und auf Festivals incl. USA, Canada, Australien, Japan, Brasilien, Argentinien, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexiko, Deutschland, Belgien, Polen, Niederlande, Russland, Tschechien, Slowakai, Italien,. Schweiz, Frankreich, Spanien, Österreich, Ungarn etc.


1998 Primal Fear
1999 Jaws of Death
2001 Nuclear Fire
2002 Black Sun
2004 Devil’s Ground
2005 Seven Seals
2007 New Religion
2009 16.6: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
2012 Unbreakable
2014 Delivering the Black
2016 Rulebreaker


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