The Kroach


The Kroach is a young band from Warsaw, Poland playing together since summer 2015. Songs which they create are balancing between many different music genres - starting with classic heavy metal melodies, through progressive riffs ending with metalcore flavoured drumbeats and rhythms. Such
combination comes from various artists being their inspiration. Beginning with drummers affection towards Avenged Sevenfold, smoothly fading through heavy metal vibes of Dio, Rainbow and Iron Maiden with compositions inspired by progressive Mastodon, Gojira or Meshuggah.
On February 10th the band released their first lp “ ... And Hell We Are” , which was recorded in Bazuka Records in Warsaw. Recording sessions took about 3 months due to band members classes and jobs.
The album contains ten consistent and melodic tracks. Most of their lyrics are inspired by dreams, with their leading topic being social problems, individual's fears and anxieties. You can also find there references to biblical and mythological motifs. They are an analysis of humanity and the world in which we are living.
The Kroach have supported many popular polish bands, such as Nocny Kochanek, Turbo, KABANOS. The latest and greatest collaboration was the band covering "Metal thrashing mad" with Neil Turbin on lead vocals (Deathriders, -ex Anthrax) on beneficent show in Hard Rock Café, Warsaw. After the release of album, they begun a first solo tour named after the longplay - “ ... And Hell We Are” . They have visited the biggest polish cities. The tour still continues. Before the tour, they’ve played in many clubs around Poland with other bands. They’ve also participed in many contests.


2016 ...and Hell we are


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