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Wednesday 2nd
06:05 PM
Headbanger Stage


Vorbid is a Thrashmetal band from Arendal, Norway. We play fast, melodic, hard and progressive. Vorbid consists of Michael Eriksen Briggs (Rhythm guitar/ vocals), Daniel Emanuelsen (Lead guitar), Marcus Gullovsen (Drums) and Jonas Tellefsen (Bass). The band was established October 2013 under the name “Purgatory”, but was later changed to Vorbid. Our main influences are Megadeth, Testament, Annihilator, King Crimson, Rush and Camel.
Since our establishment in 2013 we’ve gone through a lot of different bandmembers. Daniel joined in early 2014, and we had a handful of different bassists until the current member Jonas joined in early 2016.
By the start of 2015, we were starting to experiment with the polar opposite musical backgrounds of the two guitarists Michael and Daniel, and went from the pure thrash influences from bands like Sepultura, to more melodic and progressive arrangements.
After winning a handful of local band-battles, we decided to set sail for Wacken which took us to our current situation.
Vorbid has released one EP, «Vorbid» (August 2016), recorded at Mølla Studio, with Knut Magne Valle behind the mixing table. Our EP is available on Spotify and iTunes (among others) but also on physical format. The song “Violation of a Human Mind” can also be found on Spotify, and was recorded a year earlier. In May 2017, we will start recording our debut album and aiming for an early 2018 release.


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