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Skull  Earth Divide  Skull


Henning Jensen: Guitar
Gudmar Hansen: Bass
Jóhan Fríðrikur (Freddy) Sanderson: Vocals
Fríði Tanggaard Bjørgvin: Guitar
Sigurd Justinussen: Drums

Earth Divide is a five piece progressive metal band straight from the pounding heart of the North Atlantic. With rhythmic, progressive energy and uncompromising live performances. The band originates from the capital of Tórshavn and all the members have various backgrounds in the Faroese music scene. The band formed in early 2010 to compete in a local music competion called Sement and recieved a very positive response which inspired the band to write and play on a broader scale. And over the course of two years continued to play concerts within the Faroe Islands and strived to improve their craft. Since 2010 the band has undergone some line-up changes, among which John Áki Egholm (of Hamferð) contributed to the band on guitar for a period of time. He was then replaced by Fríði Tanggaard Bjørgvin (of Oniontree) who joined in february of 2012, along with bass player Tinna Tótudóttir (former bassplayer of Hamferð) who then left the band in 2013 and was replaced by former SIC bass player Gudmar Hansen. In early 2012 the band decided to take their music in a new direction and Earth Divide of today was born. And in March the same year the band performed at the international competition: Wacken Metal Battle for the very first time with the new line-up, to rave reviews from both the audience, judges and reviewers which led to several gigs played during the summer of 2012. Since then the band has been working on new material and has released an EP, which was released in March 2013. The EP is co-produced by Theodor Kapnas of Hamferð and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork to name a few) In july 2013 Earth Divide participated in the Ferðin til Heljar tour with Icelandic death metallers Angist. Wherein they played the Eistnaflug festival and the G! festival. In late 2013, the band started writing material for for a debut full length album. Which will likely go into production the autumn of 2014. Earth Divide are also in the process of putting some touring projects together, most of which are international. Earth Divide also recently won Wacken Metal Battle Faroe Islands and as such will be representing The Faroe Islands at this year’s Wacken Metal Battle.

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