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Group reservations will not be offered in 2012

06.03.2012 13:39 - Age: 2 yrs
- By: WackenHelge

After long discussions and due to deliberation with our crew, the group reservation service for groups off 50 people won’t be available anymore. This is, among others, caused by the following reasons:

- In the previous years the staff again and again became insulted, people spit on them and threat them with violence.
- No personal agrees to take care of this area at the moment
- Groups which signed in came with a notable lesser number of persons than they signed up or used more ground than they were entitled.

This abuse of the group reservation service can’t be tolerated anymore, because for example, we had to rent additional camping grounds in last minute. This service was always costless and offered by our good will. Sadly some things went wrong, as mentioned above, so we had to make this step. Please arrange yourselves early enough and plan your arrival, as far as practicable, together, so you can continue to camp together.

Of course we still have an open mind for constructive suggestions and ideas about how we can keep the service alive.

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