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Autozentrale Koch - Breakdown Service at Wacken

29.07.2013 21:00 - Age: 1 year
- By: WackenHelge

Also in this year our auto mobile partner "Autozentrale Koch" (car central Koch) will offer a breakdown and repair Service for cars of all trademarks directly on the festival ground.

The service car can be called by phone - the restoration of the roadworthiness on the area is available for small donation of 15€
(Exception: Spare parts - these have to be paid extra.)

But that´s not all! You will also become a supporter of the Wacken Foundation because all profits of the incomes will be donated to the Foundation which has devoted itself to support newcomers from the hard and heavy metal music sector.

In case of the unfortunate circumstance that a repair on spot is not possible the cars will be towed and send for repair to the next workshops in Schenefeld or Itzehoe (fee required) / before the car will be towed a job sheet will be written.

The position of the Service-Mobile is on Campground M - Take a look at our MAPS

This is an offer of the campany Autozentrale Koch, Dorfstr. 1, 25524 Itzehoe.
The service agreement will be closed between Autozentrale Koch and the festival visitor.

The WOA Service number on the festival ground will be +49 (0) 157-39556661
The number is only active during the festival in the time from Tuesday 12.01pm to Sunday 02.00pm

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