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W:O:A Ticket-Exchange is online!

18.11.2013 16:10 - Age: 254 days
- By: WackenHelge

Dear Metalheads,

the time has come - the W:O:A ticket exchange is now online at!

The ticket exchange gives metalheads the possibility to sell their tickets anonymously to other metalheads (only for the original price!) if they are not able to visit the festival anymore. Reversed this also means that people who had no luck in getting a ticket for W:O:A 2014, now have a new chance to get one through the ticket exchange.

Important! In the near future we will also launch a second platform which will handle the general re-personalization / name change of W:O:A tickets.
This platform will not be anonymous because it serves the purpose of giving tickets to friends / family members etc.

The several steps will be described directly at the ticket exchange!

In advance:
The process is completely anonymized and the seller must be the owner of the ticket (the name has to be written on the ticket).
It is insufficient if you have ordered the tickets. Every ticket has to be sold through the ticket exchange by the respective owner of the ticket.

Register at
Before you can start, you need to be registered at and create an account (In case it does not exist, yet)
If you have completed this step successfully you can immediately start and enter the ticket exchange HERE (you have to be logged in!)

Side notes and things to know
- There is no guarantee for a successful sale at the ticket exchange. This is an offer for our customers to sell tickets if a buyer can be found. A refund or sale via any other platform is not permitted.

- Due to the time needed for organizing the exchange, the official ticket exchange has to be closed some weeks before W:O:A 2014.

- All detailed info about the personalization can be found at the FAQ

The ticket exchange can be found here

W:O:A & Metaltix Team

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