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Trivium behind door No. 16

16.12.2012 17:33 - Age: 2 yrs
- By: WackenHelge

Today is the 16th of december and the 3rd advent and with it we can present you another high quality announcement for our billing.

Today we can confirm a US band which played the last time at Wacken in 2011. We speak about the Californian band Trivium.
Until now the band has released 5 albums and gained a lot of fame since their debut in 2003. Sold out tours and higher chart entries with every new album are proof of their success. With their last album "In Waves", which was released back in 2011 the band also entered the German top 10.
Next year they will play for the second time at Wacken - so be prepared!

More at Billing/Bands

And here are the x-mas winners from the 15th of december 2012:
Anne-katrin M - Herborn
Clark B - Badendorf
Jill S - Garding
Koit P - (Estonia, tallinn, pojengi tee a,)
Quincy V - Hattem (The netherlands)

All winners were already informed by mail!

Tomorrow we will announce the next band and xmas winners!

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