Expect blood, sweat and tears when dedicating your life to Metal music. Expect struggle, deceptions and turnbacks, but be prepared to feel some of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences also. Heavy metal life is tough in South America. Against was formed back in 2009 and ever since it's been growing unhaltedly.

It easier to breaktrough when someone is full of desires, motivation and mental strenght. Against is formed by 4 of them. Always thinking big, planning and never stalling.
Against appeared to make a twist in the local scene. First days where hard but shaped the essence of the band. Adopting the independent-music way of life, the band started to work by its own, slowly gathering mind-like bands which now became a group of work instead of isolated bands. A group that worked against bloodsucker promoters, against bloodsucking contracts, and against everyone that harmed the passion of music pretending to make profit upon smashing heads.

Slowly but steadily this way of working gained strenght and the message become to spread all over the country. A new way was possible.

Against sound wraps up numerous elements of Metal music, giving them their identity and characterized sound. Harsh and clean vocals, armonzied guitar and vocals, a solid rythm section with a all of drums and thunder striking bass that serve the low-end. Violent passage together with most melodic moments. You can find thrash, heavy, death, metalcore, rock and more inside their songs.

Since the first days, Against was a very active band. Always willing to gig anywhere, everywhere, whenever. Routes are synonym for them: kilometers travelled add for more than two laps around the globe.

Before editing their first album (Soy Libertad) in 2014 they've already made a total of 118 tour dates across the country.
In 2014 their first release sees light. "Soy Libertad" premiere became a success in one of the most known venue in their local city.
Upon the release, a tour involving more than 100 shows took place. They giged across the country and made their first international gig at Urugay.
By the end of 2015, Against enters the studios to record "Emerger", their second album.

"Emerger" debut show was a total success: They sold-out one of the most renowed venues in Argentina, exceeding capacity and making one of their biggest shows until today. It became a true milestone for an independent band. This album led to a new tour across the country, Urugay, Paraguay and Brazil with over 90 gigs.
"Emerger" became a highly acclaimed among fans, fanzines, magazines and specialized media.

Alongside, they worked on some audiovisual content such as videos for tracks: Soy Libertad (from Soy Libertad album), Kick In The Face (from Soy Libertad) and Contra (from Emerger).

They also have a DVD for a live show at Uniclub in which you can witness their power at live performances. Another live video, "Marcha del Auca (live from San Luis)" makes a good example of their strength.

2017 started with some great news. Against was selected as #1 "national metal band of 2016", #2 "national metal album of 2016" and #3 "national metal live show" by the magazine Jedbangers, the biggest metal magazine in Argentina and the whole South American region, after a survey in which readers voted.

A recognition by the metal audience in Argentina and south america has been made. Against implemented succesfully an independent way of working, together with fellow bands that strengthen the scene and method.

Recognition reached a higher step when Against got selected to stand for Argentina in the Wacken Open Air 2017 edition. Its not only them who say "here we are" at Germany, but a whole scene and a whole group of people working alike to make a better scene in Argentina and South America. Against represents them and a method of working, a way of life.

No one needs to sell their soul. Live music as a passion, think big and be strong.


2014 Soy Libertad
2015 Emerger


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