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Wednesday 2nd
04:00 PM
W.E.T. Stage


Analepsy are a Portuguese Slamming Brutal Death Metal band formed in late 2013 by the vocalist Ricardo Proena, the guitarist Marco Martins and the bassist Flavio Pereira.
Drummer Tiago Correia and lead guitarist Diogo Santana later joined the band.
The band's popularity came with the single "Genetic Mutations", released in early 2014. In May 2015, the band released their debut EP named "Dehumanization by Supremacy", released at SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2015.
Around mid 2016 Ricardo had to leave the band for personal reasons, and Diogo Santana became the lead vocalist and guitarist.
With new material, the band started recording their first full-length album "Atrocities From Beyond" in the beginning of 2016, and it was released worldwide via Vomit Your Shirt and Rising Nemesis Records in january 2017.
Currently they are collaborating with Kraanium on a split entitled "The Kraanialepsy Split" which will be released june 2017.


2015 Dehumanization by Supremacy
2017 Atrocities From Beyond
2017 The Kraanialepsy Split


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