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Wednesday 2nd
04:25 PM
Headbanger Stage


Beside was born from mid 1997, standing in Bandung city of Indonesia, born in the middle of East Bandung community which is quite famous in Indonesia "HOMELESS CREW" Ujung Berung. A band project at its origin by playing hardcore music of its time from the start of Rykers, Strife, Earth crsis etc. The first single Beside "Wasted YOUTH" In 1998 entered the AQUARIUS Independent Rebel production compilation, Not long after, Beside was unloading and changing personnel, until finally the year 2000 - 2003 early beside the fakum and stop all activities associated with Beside, until finally mid year 2003, Beside re-present with new formation and new nuance, Beby personnel who still remain at that time megajak OWANG, HIN HIN, FATAH and ERIK to continue and resurrect Beside which at that time out, this formation not last long, because ERIK the Bassist out before Recording session, and FATAH the guitarist resigned during the recording session album "AGAINTS OURSELVES". So the recording sessions for the album were forwarded by HIN HIN who filled all the guitar tracks, until Beside recruited new guitarist from HEAVEN FALL band ICHAD to fill the void of guitar position left by FATTAH, until finally change personnel become a habit, even At the end of 2007 beside still changing personnel. To go to the first album, Beside takes 10 years, because often we change the pesonel, but we take a lot of positive side, Because beside can meet many new people who have a variety of musical tastes from Inflames, Soilwork, Dragon force, Slayer, Malevolent creations, Kataklysm etc. Which in the end gives a new color for the music beside. Metal may be a more suitable concept for beside at present.
With the current solid formation of Owank voc, Akew Guitar, Paneu Bass, Chad Guitar, Baby Drum, finally beside can complete our first album with title "AGAINST OURSELVES", which was released at the end of 2007 by parapatan rebels (cassete) & absolute Records (CD).
Substitution of personnel occurred again in mid-2011, Chad's current position was replaced by Qq bokir after audition session which took a very long time.
The 2012 Akew, Paneu, Owank, agreed to be separated from beside, that was the time that greatly slumped Beside condition at that time, but not so long all vacancies have been filled with new players, Izall replaces Paneu, Jepe (additional guitar) replaces Akew, Arind And Rangga (editional vocal) fill the void of Owank. Then lapse some old Jepe replaced by Roy Nat Siregar in guitar position remained at Beside. Finally, BESIDE established its formation with the entry of Agrog in Vocal Position, And this story also continues to the latest album BESIDE. On August 18, 2015, BESIDE released a new album titled 'ELEVEN HEROES' dedicated to our heroes, victims of AACC and our friends "EXTERMINATOR" who always support every movement and development Beside, waiting 7 years same old for a work Which we deserve for our AACC victim friends.Finally this album has produced a very satisfying result for us as a musician whose work can be enjoyed by many audiences with the judgment of everyone who heard it, thanks to the hard work of all personnel for the proof of this latest album , Finally we got the award in the best album category best of 2015 version of Rolling Stones magazine, and also entered on album 10 band best Indonesia version of METAL HAMMER UK Magazine in May 2017, precisely on 14 May, we entered the top 10 finalists WACKEN METAL BATTLE INDONESIA 2017 which in the idea by DCDC, until finally we won u Ntuk dispatched to Germany, representing Indonesia from a total of 28 countries that will represent their respective countries.


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