Corpse Hoarder

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Thursday 3rd
12:15 PM
W.E.T. Stage


Corpse Hoarder was formed in 2013 with members from multiple Philadelphia area bands. In 2014 they released a two song demo that included the tracks "Into the Ground" and "Anatolically Correct". After a few member changes, a solid lineup started to form what is the soul of the band. In 2015, they released the single "Release the Hounds" to critical acclaim. With one more lineup change coming at the end of 2016, the current roster now solidified features Dave Scruffo on vocals, Chris Creta on guitar, Mykel Dodson on bass and the newest addition being Matthew Crismond on drums. Playing many shows up and down the East Coast of the US, and across the Midwest, Corpse Hoarder has developed a devout following. Spreading their own brand of Death Metal to the many faces searching for guidance in a world lost to emotion. Their live show is an amazing amalgamation of energy, sweat, and volume. 2017 promises to bring many new and exciting things for the gentlemen of Corpse Hoarder. Wacken Open Air being the first. They will release their debut full length LP, "Hard to Kill" in the summer of 2017. Be prepared. Be scared. Corpse Hoarder is coming for you all.


2017 Hard To Kill


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