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Wednesday 2nd
06:40 PM
W.E.T. Stage


The band was formed in 2014 by Andrei (vocals & traditional instruments) and Ovidiu (guitar). Later, the other members were recruited until today’s formula was reached :
Andrei Oltean – vocals, recorder, whistles, bagpipe, accordion, jaw harp, tulnic
Ovidiu Ban – guitar, ukulele
Alexandru Giurgeca – guitar, mandolin
Dragoş Berţia – bass guitar
Paul Bucătaru – drums
Ioana Popescu – keyboards
Roxana Amarandi Pomohaci – violin, vocals

E-an-na has, in the present, a discography consisting of 4 singles and an EP, all very well recerived by the audience, and participated to important festivals in 2016, being the romanian band with the most activity for that year, with over 50 concerts.
The band had 3 tours until now: the national tour ‘’Jocurile Jienei’’, the national ‘’Folkcore Detour’’, and the international ‘’New Wave of Folk Metal Tour 2017’’.


2016 Jianna


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