… well, take a look… they got „hell“ in their name?
Is HELL-O-MATIC the next ‘evil’ Band, that wants to scare and open out on us
with the undead and ghost train visions?
Not even close!
Here are veterans at work… and it shows: catchy riffs, merciless drums,
stomping sequencers, authentic vocals – everything’s there, to crash an
auditorium into pieces.
But what makes HELL-O-MATIC different from other Bands? While listening to
the first tunes you’re already certain – the diaphoretic beats, the sex
appeal – none of it is put-on, nothing’s designed.
Just five maniacs, that got together, to work on something, they call ‘Scary
Isolated from the everyday Rock’n’Roll-scenery, their ingredients are long
forgotten nasty and dirty VHS cassettes, a couple of instruments and the
will to create a new, ultimate Sound. Hard, casual, ruthless and ironic.
With a wink, that many others seem to be missing.


2015 Hell-O-Matic


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