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Wednesday 2nd
12:15 PM
Headbanger Stage


Nova Prospect was formed in 2007, Kecskemét, Hungary. It's predecessor was the nu-metal band, called Booboo's Punch. After the hiatus of Booboo's Punch, Nova Prospect was formed with the joining of Balázs Pásztóy (bass) and Gabriella Besnyő (vocals) to the former Booboo members: József Kiss (guitar), Daniel Kiss (drums) and Bálint Schautek (synth/sampler). Balázs left the band in 2009. and with the new bassist, Zsolt Nagy the line-up of the band is stable since then.

The band's 1st full-length record, "Lépj ki az árnyékból" was released in 2009, feauturing singles as "Szabadon" and "Ébren álmodunk", which songs also appaeared as music videos.

After the 1st album 2 EPs came, in 2010. the first, titled as "Hívójel" and in 2011. the second titled "Minden nap háború".

Throughout the years the band played more than 200 shows at the bigger cities of Hungary (Budapest, Szeged, Kecskemét, Esztergom) partially as a headliner, partially as a supporting act, and also at Hungary's middle sized festivals(EFOTT, Campus).

Their 2nd full-length album, "Szemben az óriás" was released as a CD insert of Hammerworld/Metal Hammer magazine, which helped the band reaching a broad basis of hungarian rock/metal fans. The single titled as "Itt az idő" with its short film-like music video was released in november of 2016.

In the fall of 2016 the band was the supporting act at the tour of one of Hungary's leading metal bands, called Depresszió.

The 10 years old Nova Prospect with 6 music videos, 2 full-length albums and many EPs with their powepop influenced modern metal music achieved a stable status amongst the female-fronted rock/metal bands in Hungary.

Their new EP, called "Fényhozó" is due to release in september 2017.


2009 Lépj ki az árnyékból
2010 Hívójel
2011 Minden nap háború
2016 Szemben az óriás
2017 Fényhozó


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