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Ophan (О́phan, wheel in latin) is an experimental metal band from Sofia. The band started out in 2006 in Stara Zagora with Martin Tonev as the bass player and Plamen Rusev as a guitarist. The birthday of the band, however, is considered to be 20 February 2011, when drummer Constantine Gentschev joins the band.

The band’s line up is Tihomir Rusanov (vocals), Plamen Rusev & Iskren Asenov (guitars), Constantine Gentschev (drums, percussion, composition), Martin Tonev (bass) and Detelina Savova (vocals and piano). The band is currently unsigned.

The band’s main focus is to create conceptual music following a multi-layered storyline, which would be visually complimented by a movie. Ophan strives to break the mold and create something unique with a very strong emphasis on the overall message and overarching story. The band utilizes uncommon song structures in which anything hardly ever repeats (unless it is necessary to stress on a certain aspect of the composition). Musically Ophan is considered close to the prog/djent scene with elaborate polyrhythms and time signatures.

From the 3rd April, Ophan began promoting its debut EP “The Wheel of Fortune” on online streaming platforms and with concerts in the country and abroad. The EP follows the main character’s journey through the different stages of grief when faced against death. As stated previously, it is just the first part from a bigger story, details of which will be released over time. The band’s reworked live performance will feature multimedia and a theatrical interlude with an actor.


2017 The Wheel of Fortune

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