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Thursday 3rd
12:30 PM
Wackinger Stage


Actually, the Captain would simply like to have good old traditional sea shanty concert, if only his band did not constantly put a spoke in his wheel.
So, La Paloma becomes a disco hit or Kaperfahrt a reggae. Tüdelband is rocked without mercy and Drunken Sailor is turned into a U2 version.
If it weren´t for Huckster-Heidi keeping the guests of all ages happy, the presentation could run downright aground. Fortunately, they all have a sense of humor, the pirates and the audience alike...

Skorbut attracts passers-by, they play with the various possibilities of music styles, thus being highly entertaining in a unique northern German way.
Whether as a walking act with their own amplified pull-along wagon or on the planks of a big stage – for more than fifteen years Skorbut has been spinning and passing on a sailor´s yarn from their home waters to international oceans and has recently received Bad Segeberg`s cultural award.


2007 Fischmusik
2008 Rummus
2013 Meuterei


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