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Friday 4th
11:00 AM
W.E.T. Stage


WARRANT is well known to all fans of German Speed Metal since the early 80s. With „First strike“ and their one and only album „The enforcer“ two classics exist. Who won’t remember Songs like „Satan“, „The Enforcer“, „The Rack“ or „Nuns have no fun“?
After the rerelease of their complete old recordings on Pure Steel Records the band went into the studio again and „Metal Bridge“ is the result and first album since nearly 30 years.
Of course we don’t have the 80s anymore but WARRANT play Heavy Metal with a lot of influences from that time, so you will have the old WARRANT but also some hints of METALLICA or even some light Thrash parts. The new recordings of „Ordeal of death“ and „The enforcer“ are the connection between the beginnings and today.

Only vocalist and bassist Jörg Juraschek is left after all these years, but his aim is to keep WARRANT where they had been: at the top of German Speed and Heavy Metal!

Warrant 2014……. Metal Bridge….. New Wave Of All Heavy Metal


1985 First Strike
1985 The Enforcer
2000 The Enforcer, First Strike
2010 Ready to Command
2011 Special Edition for Wacken 2011
2014 Metal Bridge


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