To ensure safety, order and peaceful relations on the camping areas, each visitor has to act appropriately so that no one is harmed, threatened, harassed or molested. Visitor is any person who is staying at the festival site (festival visitor, service provider, day guests, VIP, media etc.)

The festival site includes all areas to which access is only granted with a valid festival ticket or other access authorization from the organizer, including in particular the event area of the municipality Wacken - also called the infield (area in front of the main and side stages), Wackinger Village, Wacken Center, Wacken plaza, parking and camping area, Bullhead City Circus, parking zones ("festival ground").

With the entrance to the festival site the visitors accept the visitors parking and camping rules.


1.1. The ICS Festival Service GmbH is the legal occupant of the festival grounds. The camping areas are part of the festival grounds. They may transfer this right to third parties. Instructions of the planning and transport service personnel are to be obeyed.

1.2. In case of contravention of the visitors, parking or camping rules, or if a violation of the visitors parking and camping rules is imminent, the person responsible has to leave the festival and may not return. The ticket, the wristband or other access authorization will lose its validity. The entry fee will not be refunded. The organizer claims compensation for damages against anyone who culpably causes damage to the festival site. In case that a visitor commits a criminal offence according to the German criminal code on the festival grounds (e.g. drug trafficking, assault, theft, sexual assault, fraud, Infringement of trade mark and other intellectual property rights of the organizer etc.) he will be expelled immediately of the festival grounds without any warning. The facts will also be reported to the police.


2.1. Access and residence at the festival site is only permitted with a valid and not devalued ticket, or a devalued ticket or access authorisation, or a devalued ticket or access authorisation, or an undamaged original wrist band. The access identification is to be presented unsolicited.

2.2. The floor spaces are limited to the allocated area parts, the assignment is mandatory; a claim to a particular area does not exist. When leaving the site, a return to the same site is not guaranteed. The site may only be passed by car during the arrival or departure. The trafficability of the ways is subject to weather and ground conditions. In case of poor soil conditions driving bans can be arranged. Due to security reasons a relocation to other areas can exceptionally be arranged. Basically camping is allowed next to motor vehicles (If the weather situation makes it necessary, a separation of camping and parking can be arranged). The traffic rules must be followed throughout the festival area.

2.3. The staff is authorised to inspect vehicles, persons and luggage for prohibited items. If control is denied, or prohibited items are carried, access to the premises will be denied or the person responsible will have to leave the festival.

2.4. The festival area may not be driven on with agricultural tractors, stretchers and other heavy equipment that can cause serious damage to the floor of the festival area.


3.1. Every visitor has to behave in a way that no one is harmed, threatened, harassed or molested. Physical violence against other visitors, staff of the organizer or any other persons is forbidden. It is forbidden to throw objects at other visitors, or tents, or to urinate outside the toilets to relieve himself, to spray/paint or pollute things. From 12 o´clock at night the volume of music systems has to be reduced to a tolerable level for the camping community. Power generating sets should only be used as long as they are dependable, no environmental hazard is to be expected, the exhaust fumes don´t endanger others and no other guest feels harassed by the noise.

3.2. Glass bottles of any kind, animals / pets, weapons of all kinds (also in the technical sense), so called selfie sticks, flares, pyrotechnics, sparklers, sky lanterns, vuvuzelas, megaphones and shirts from right winged bands, firewood, bulky waste (old sofas, chairs, building materials, wood, etc. ) and dangerous objects of any kind (condensed: prohibited items) are not allowed to be brought onto the site or used there, unless the organizer has given his written consent or approval. The organizer is entitled to retain prohibited items and to temporarily take possession.

3.3. Without prior written consent or approval of the organizer, no one may bring or use photo and video cameras, drones or other recording devices at the festival site, that are in their equipment, type and size obviously not only for private use. The use of so called drones and other flying devices is not permitted. It is also forbidden to produce image, image/audio or audio recordings with common equipment (mobile camera, GoPro etc.) as long as those recordings are not exclusively for private and non-commercial purposes.

3.4. It is forbidden to do commercial trade, marketing activities or commercial activities without prior approval and consent through the organizer in written form. Advertising of any kind, i.e., advertising a product, service, philosophy of life, religion, labor union, party, company or brand, sharing out or presenting political or religious content of any kind (f.e. through flyer, banner, signs etc.) as well as the installation of decorations and other items throughout the festival grounds, are prohibited.


The costs for parking and camping on the festival site from Monday, July 31st 2017, 15:00 pm are included in the ticket price. The festival ground must be cleared by Sunday, August 6th 2017, 12.00 o´clock at the latest.


5.1. The camping site is divided into a camping area (no cars), a parking area (no camping - day parking area) and a mixed area on which camping and parking next to each other is allowed.

5.2. For people with disabilities with a handicapped ID an assigned campground will be provided in close proximity to the festival area. Reservation in advance will not be offered and camping is only possible on this campground as long as enough space is available.

5.3. Caravans, trailers and heavy vehicles park in area R, T and V in accordance to the instruction given by staff members, accompanying vehicles are generally allowed. The total length of vehicles is limited to 11 meters and the maximum weight to 3.5 tons.

5.4. Tractors are not allowed on the festival grounds. Tractors pulling trailers are allowed on the festival grounds until 12 pm on July 31st 2017. Please be aware that all trailers mentioned in sentence 1 of this section can only be picked up on Sunday August the 8th 2017 after 12 pm. A special tractor parking area will be prepared.

5.5. Motorcycles can be parked everywhere at the mixed camping area. The motorcyclist is responsible that the motorcycle is parked properly and stable.

5.6. Visitors arriving by train / shuttle bus, coaches, taxis can reach the car-free campsite via the check point at the bus shuttle stop.

5.7. VIP use the specially equipped VIP camping area, alternatively they can of course also use the general camping areas.


The traffic, escape and emergency/protection routes are marked through barrier tape – it is not allowed to park or camp on these routes. In case of contravention the routes will be cleared or vehicles will be hauled off against a fee.


Weather conditions affect the camping and festival area. The visitor is obliged to regularly inform himself about current weather conditions, particularly about the approach of short dated meteorological events (such as thunderstorms, hail, storms, etc.)


Camping is permitted within the usual range on the allocated areas, i.e. digging hollows, holes and trenches, and the construction of towers, racks and other devices is not permitted.
The tent structures must be site and weather proofed and the visitor is responsible for the safety of facilities he set up. Unsafe facilities may be dismounted at the expense of the visitor and taken off.


Infrastructure, equipment and all facilities of the campsite must be kept clean and handled with care. Wastewater may only be emptied in designated drains. The assigned area has to be cleaned regularly due to fire protection reasons, waste has to be collected and disposed at the waste deposit areas at the festival site. At the end of residence, the campsite is to be left in a good condition. All waste must be disposed at suitably equipped garbage collection points in the provided tons / container. To keep the site clean free garbage bags are available at the trash camps S1 – S6, the steward container and in the W:O:A Office.


10.1. Having BBQ is allowed, open fire and campfires are prohibited.

10.2. Only commercially purchased charcoal lighter, gas cartridges, gas bottles (only permanently installed in the camper) and BBQ equipment are allowed. All gas appliances must be in perfect technical condition and apply to the German DIN Standard. Only gas cartridges up to a maximum filling weight of 450 g and gas bottles of 5 Kg can be used.

Commercially used LPG systems must be operated by personnel meeting the industrial requirements and in accordance with applicable rules (inter alia BGV V79 / TRB 280). The storage of liquid gas is only allowed at intended and compliant gas bearings which can only be set up with a written consent or approval by the organizer.

Installed gas and liquid gas installations have to show valid pressure tests.

10.3. Only BBQ food may be placed on a burning BBQ grill. Except BBQ food nothing else may be thrown on the burning charcoal briquettes, especially no GAS CARTRIDGES.

10.4. After BBQ the charcoal must be cooling. By cooling the charcoal with water a huge amount of hot steam will arise which can cause scaldings. It is forbidden to pour the coal on the grass.

10.5. During a storm or similar weather conditions, BBQ can be prohibited for safety reasons. In case that a fire breaks out the stewards must be informed immediately, even if the fire could be extinguished already.

10.6. Aggregates up to 2 kW are allowed on the parking and camping areas unless they are in perfect condition and do not lose any oil or fuel. The use is permitted from 09.00am until midnight. Per vehicle a maximum of 5 litres of fuel may be carried in auxiliary tanks.


The organizer and third parties commissioned by the organizer have the right to produce audio, visual and audio-visual recordings of the guests within the event without remuneration for the depicted person and to fully use and let use these recordings in all existing and future media, but in particular not exclusively for reporting at all media including internet, sound and film recordings , for promoting the Wacken Open Air, for acquiring sponsors and for all other business activities of the organizer and cooperating companies. All these rights can also be transferred to third parties.

The organizer is not liable for lost or damaged property. Parking and camping at designated parking areas and the campground is at own risk.

The visitors are obliged to observe the safety instructions of the organizer.

WACKEN, July 2017 – Subject to change.

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