Metal 4 Nature – Save Your Holy Land!

07/13/2017 created by WackenHelge

This year we are caring about the reduction of the pollution during the Wacken Open Air again. According to the motto “Metal 4 Nature” different projects will be implemented to protect the nature.

In your Full:Metal:Bag there is a trash bag and our “Trash-Mobiles” (vehicles) will patrol on the campsite to gather your trash bags and they will also supply you with new ones. Should there be no “Trash-Mobile” around, you can bring your trash bags to the trash stations at the shower camps S1-S6.

The voluntary workers of the Wacken Foundation will drive around on the campsite with cargo trikes. Their goal is to collect your deposit. Your PET-bottles and cans are what they are looking for. All this is for good causes, since 100 per cent of the income will go into the Wacken Foundation.
There will also be deposit collectors at the entrance at the Wacken Plaza.
We are also very happy to announce that all the collected deposit from the Infield and Wacken Center will go towards Wacken Foundation and Viva con Aqua.

In order to minimize injury risk, glass bottles are forbidden on the whole festival site! But there is a service being offered where you can decant your glass bottle content into a fancy PET-bottle. This can be done at the supermarkets on the visitor road.

An overdimensional beer can again be visited in the Wacken Foundation Camp (Pos. # 20). It is the sleeping can – a prototype which soon could be your sleeping booth on festivals. The can has a bedroom and a lounge and could be equipped with solar battery panels, which provides you with light and power, so you can be fully independent from the power supply.

So do your little part to help us protecting the environment!

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