Anniversary Specials

We and our partners are always working on the documentation of our festival in all its facets. Our goal is to keep all the unique memories alive for the visitors and to show new fans what is happening at the festival.

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary in 2014, we decided to create some new special products.

25 Years Louder Than Hell - The W:O:A Documentary

Official product info:

WACKEN OPEN AIR has never simply been a ‘festival’…it has, for over a quarter of a century, been a lifestyle, event and community rivaling those seen at the likes of Glastonbury in the UK and Burning Man in the US. As the festival’s founders Thomas Jensen and Holgar Hübner always said, Wacken is about the music and the lifestyle, and it is that noble simplicity of aim that has seen the festival sell-out to 85,000 people within hours of the tickets going on sale every year. And now, UDR Records is proud to present a comprehensive view of both the Wacken festival and culture via 25 Years Louder Than Hell – The W:O:A Documentary, a film directed by Sara Kelly-Husain and produced by Christine Stephan for Nice Productions.

Utilizing deep, archival footage, live action film and hand-held camera montages, 25 Years Louder Than Hell…weaves together the full story of this cultural phenomenon from its humble beginnings in one small village field to the consistently sold-out, 85,000 plus music megacity it has become. Featuring interviews with the likes of Lemmy from Motörhead, Slayer’s Kerry King, Biff Byford of Saxon and Nergal of Behemoth, 25 Years Louder Than Hell…also speaks with fans from across the globe to further explain the enormous cultural phenomenon which Wacken Open Air has grown into.

The documentary can be purchased HERE

Check out the EPK:

The official DVD/BluRay release for the Anniversary festival!

This DVD/Blu-Ray needed to be something very special and was created with much love and dedication to evolve into an impressive chronicle of the Anniversary and the festival history itself.

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds documents every inch of the festival grounds via 3 expansive and immersive DVD’s and a lavishly produced scrapbook. Each DVD will cover an area of the Wacken experience. Disc one will bring together the very best main attraction live performances seen at Wacken on both the Black and True Metal stages, featuring the likes of Accept, Saxon, Motörhead, Hammerfall, Kreator or Avantasia.

The second disc brings viewers to the second level of Wackneering via the top performances from the Party and Wackinger Stages, as well as the highlights of the all-in amateur jam throw-down Wacken Metal Battle, while the third disc will offer highlights from the Headbanger’s Stage and Wet Stage (the latter being inside the notorious Bullhead City Circus Tent). Each DVD sits in it’s own individual digipak, complete with a detailed content booklet.

The Scrapbook is a lavish, 200 page affair containing a year-by-year review from long-time Wacken chronicler Tim Eckhorst, along with 300+ photos and various artifacts detailing how the festival grew to it’s current size and status. The DVD digipaks and scrapbook are housed in a classic black, cloth-bound slipcase, and the entire project was a designed by another Wacken veteran, UDR GmbH art director and photographer Kai Swillus.

Fittingly, 25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds is a Wacken Foundation product, which means that all profits are channeled back into the foundation which in turn exists to help support and nurture new, fresh musical talent and offer aspiring artists a chance to realize their dreams and musical expressions.

You can buy the package at and many other stores.

We The People Of Wacken - the photobook about our fans

We The People of Wacken is (as the name suggests) a book about those people who are responsible for the worldwide reputation of Wacken in the metal world - YOU!

The photo book portraits the best fans in the world and was created by the award winning photographer Pep Bonnet.

On 180 pages he documented and accompanied all kinds of W:O:A fans from all over the world and all pictures suggest the same impression - they were taken at right time! A journey around the world done in the microcosm of one village is now immortalized in a sleek stylish black/and white photo book. We The People of Wacken - That´s all about you!

The set is also completed by the a double-disc Live At Wacken 2013!

The book is available at!

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