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23.07.2014 - Age: 58 min - By:WackenHelge

Want to shake hands with your favourite bands at the Wacken Open Air? The Meet & Greet Stands are (as always) situated on the left of True Metal Stage and Black Stage (Pos 25 on the Holy Wacken Land map).

The Meet & Greets...[more]

23.07.2014 - Age: 5 hrs - By:WackenHelge

During the festival week there will be a new merch store in Wacken at the Hauptstraße 29 (near the church). The W:O:A Special Market will start with its grand opening at the 26th of July 2014 at 12 o’clock.

On the occasion of...[more]

23.07.2014 - Age: 10 hrs - By:WackenHelge

There will be WiFi Hotspots available at the 25th Anniversary. This year we can provide Wi-Fi FOR FREE but limited to 15 minutes daily so that every metal head has the chance to use it.

WiFi Hotspots at W:O:A 2014 are...[more]

22.07.2014 - Age: 1 day - By:WackenHelge

Today we can finally present you the printable PDF versions of this year's running order, as always as one colored version and one printer friendly black/white version.

All new is the breakdown version with one day per page,...[more]

22.07.2014 - Age: 1 day - By:WackenJasper

Because there will be a lot of traffic during the time of the festival Alster Radio and RSH will provide a special Wacken Open Air radio traffic service from Monday the 28th July.

Find all the links for the traffic services...[more]

22.07.2014 - Age: 1 day - By:WackenJasper

This year we will welcome our visitors already at the Hamburg Airport. The airport becomes the Wacken Airport and you will receive some extra services when you arrive there.

There will be some special Wacken lounges where you...[more]

21.07.2014 - Age: 2 days - By:WackenHelge

To ensure safety, order and peaceful relations on the camping areas, each visitor has to act appropriately so that no one is harmed, threatened, harassed or molested.

The most important regulations can be found in our...[more]

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