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Jyri Vahvanen and Miika Kokkola founded Battlelore in 1999. The same year their first promo CD "Warrior's Tale" was out to be reviewed by label companies. "Warrior's Tale" failed but the band didn't give up - instead Battlelore strengthened their unique style and pushed harder on forward. In the year 2000 Battlelore had a complete set of new songs and they recorded "Dark Fantasy", their second promotional CD at Music-Bros Studios, Imatra, and made it with time and care. It brought up very nice feedback and won the hearts of the people at Napalm Records. The recording deal became reality.

In autumn 2001 Battlelore recorded their first full length album "...Where the Shadows Lie". It resulted in good reviews and got fans to stand behind it 100%. Unfortunately lead guitarist and growler Tommi Havo had to leave the band because of personal reasons, but after a short while Battlelore found the talented Jussi Rautio to play the lead guitar.

The second album "Sword's Song" was released in spring 2003 and it took Battlelore to a totally new level in their music. "Sword's Song" was also recorded at Music-Bros Studios with talented Finnish producer Miitri Aaltonen.

Battlelore's first DVD "The Journey" - featuring the energetic live show at Tavastia club - saw the daylight in the beginning of 2004 and it lead the band to even greater success than before.

In August 2004 Battlelore's majestic male vocalist Patrik Mennander had to make an extremely hard choice between the band and his work as a tattoo artist. Sadly, he had to make the hard decision and leave the sceptre and the crown as Battlelore's singer to wait some other Uruk-Hai warrior who could fill this enormous task with honour. His last performance with Battlelore was the magnificent headlining show at RingCon 2004, the official Lord of the Rings Festival in Germany, Bonn .

After the successful Atlantis Lovelorn tour with two session members, the low-growling vocalist Tomi Mykkänen and on stage raging bass player Timo Honkman, Battlelore had to start making decisions about the new singer for the recordings of their third album. In the beginning of 2005 Miika Kokkola, one of the founding members announced his hard decision to leave the band because of personal reasons. Thus, Battlelore had to start looking for a new bassist also. They didn't have to look far - the best men had already been tested for the job. Battlelore asked the two outstanding warriors to join them as full-time members. Tomi Mykkänen, the new Uruk-Hai warrior with raging vocals, and Timo Honkman, the great stage performer with bass, were the perfect addition when Battlelore continues their journey through Middle-earth.

On March 2005 Battlelore entered to Sound Suite Studios, France, with famous Norwegian producer Terje Refsnes (Sirenia, Sins of Thy Belowed, Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest etc.) and the recordings of the third Middle-earth inspired album called "Third Age of the Sun" started.

The new album was released in July 2005 and it was a huge success for Battlelore. The new album entered to official Finnish charts. The whole new gates were open for this blazing fantasy metal group.

Let Battlelore show you flashes from the smoky tavern at Umbar, through the green fields of Rohan and finally to the deepest dungeons of Moria. Gather your belongings, clean up your weapons and prepare for WAR!

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...Where the Shadows Lie 
Sword's Song 
The Journey DVD 
Third Age of the Sun 

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