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Holland’s best kept metal secret!!!

Please let us introduce to you this new metal outfit from the ever growing metal scene from the land of the windmills , clogs and flowers.

After few years writing and practising songs in their rehearsal room, but keeping it silent, the time has come now to unleash LEGION OF THE DAMNED to mankind!!!

What a better way to start 2006 – date of release: January, 6. -; then with the release of this killer death/thrash metal album ‘Malevolent Rapture’!!!

‘Malevolent Rapture’ will hit the international metal scene with the precision of a missile launched at Bagdad. The band has written 12 uncompromising death/thrash songs that leave you behind with a lack of breath after listening to the album!

Many extreme bands forget that it is not only important to write neck-breaking headbanging tunes, but also to be able to control the speed! LEGION OF THE DAMNED monstrous riffs that hit you in the face like a concrete wall, are changing from normal speed to destroying all on its way ultra blast speed parts. The band has a very high technical playing level which keeps the aggressiveness under total control! Please check out the clockwork tight drumming and you know that this band is not for the weakly hearted!

In spite of the speediness and the heaviness of the songs, LEGION OF THE DAMNED never forget that the songs need to have a groove!

This groove also makes it a real pleasure for your bleeding ears to get tortured over and over again by the sonic violence of LEGION OF THE DAMNED!

The full of hate vocals, don’t sound like a monotonous grunt, but are full of variety and remember you of a mix of Abbath, Mille and Araya.

After listening to those neck snapping tunes like ‘Into The Eye Of The Storm’, ‘Malevolent Rapture’, ‘Bleed For Me’ or ‘Legion Of The Damned’. We are sure you have to ask for some medical assistance. We will not take any legal responsibility for any physical damage!

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Malevolent Rapture 

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