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Hamburg Metal Dayz - Wacken-History & Metal Album Covers

28.08.2013 17:32 - Age: 1 year
- By: WackenHelge

Hey Metalheads,

of course there will be an exhibition at this year's Hamburg Metal Dayz as well: The history of Wacken!

We will show the story of the legendary Wacken Open Air in pictures and explanations, all the way from the little party at the edge of the village to the world's biggest metal festival. You wouldn't believe what we unearthed from the archives at Wacken HQ. Especially the early years are interesting. The photos! The exhibition documents numbers, facts, special events and all the highlights as well as the whole collection of Wacken shirts, wristbands, posters, beer cups and more. All this will be on display for the whole three days.

Needless to say, 25 years of history cannot be summarized easily, and we're sure that a lot of gems are still out there. If you own Wacken collectibles and memorabilia especially from the early years, please get in touch.

The artwork of metal albums are often worthy of exhibitions as well. That's why graphic designer Tim Eckhorst gives an overview of the world of metal covers in his talk at the Marx (German only). For the schedule, please refer to the Running Order.

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