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Metal-Battle Poland & Uruguay - Gnida & Rotten State enter the finale!

17.05.2013 14:45 - Age: 335 days
- By: WackenHelge

Today we have two more finalists for this years Metal-Battle. Gnida und Rotten State!

200 beats plus per minute? Check! Average song duration of one minute? Check! Time for some grindcore entering the Metal-Battle? Check!
The 7th polish Wacken Metal Battle 2013 concert is done and the winners are Gnida!
The concept of GNIDA as a band has come to life in late 2010. A year later, the founders of the project - Sirius and Lucass - recorded their debut LP entitled ‘S.Y.F.’ and self-released it in mid-2012. A few months ago the band was reinforced by two unknown masked members called JP II’ und ‘B XVI...

Check out their song Deathday:

Uruguay was participating for the first time at the Metal-Battle.
The band that won the local finale in Montevideo is calledRotten State and plays a raw mix out of punk, thrash metal and hardcore. They were founded in 2011, released their debut "Kill It Yourself" in 2012 and after winning the national MB final they are currently working on their second album "Sick World". A MUST SEE for every old school fan!

Here is a song from the first album "Kill it Yourself" - Check it:

Congratulations to both bands! We are looking forward to see you live at the finals!

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