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The W:O:A 2014 is sold-out and the ticket-exchange and the preliminary name change are closed!

All tickets that are still arriving at Metaltix can't be processed. You can not longer perform the name change this way!

There will also be the option to perform the name change at the festival itself.

At the wristband exchange and the bus stop in Wacken, there will be services points for this action. This service points will be first available at 15 o´clock, 28th of July 2014.

To write over a ticket to another person, you will need:
- The W:O:A 2014 Ticket
- A copy of the id-card or driver license from the ticket owner
- This document, printed and signed by the old owner (Download here!)
- 15€ in cash to pay the fee

Important! You can't send us orMetaltix the tickets via mail. The name change has to happen at the festival itself!

Important! The old owner is always the person who is written down at the name field of the ticket and inconclusively the person who ordered the ticket!

Of course, the old owner doesn’t have to come to the festival by himself, if he prepared everything correctly. But if one of the documents is missing, we can’t allow you to access the festival!

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