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Skull  Firkin  Skull


– the crazy Irish band –

'When Firkin blasts into the strings, the spark of Celtic party cracks.'

Since October 2008, Firkin has played more than 300 concerts in Canada and all around Europe - France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and in their home country, Hungary.

Within 5 years, Firkin has become one of the best live performing band and headliners of major festivals and prestigious venues.

Their first album entitled Firkinful Of Beer (May, 2009) has become a Golden Record within a year and got nominated for the Hungarian Grammy Award, Fonogram 2010. The song Firkinful Of Beer has been selected to a compilation album of the world's best folk bands. (Almost St. Patrick’s Day – Reedo Records, 2009, Germany).

Lord Of The Dance, the most smashing song of Firkin's second album entitled Whup! (November, 2010) - ruled the Celtic Radio Charts for 4 consecutive months in Canada and for 3 months in Germany.

In 2011, Firkin broke the borders starting with a 5-stage tour in Canada. For the same year, the band had been invited to several major festivals in Hungary and abroad as well, mostly playing as headliners.

In 2012, the band played over 80 gigs all around Europe!

In 2013, Firkin 'repeated' their success: the band got nominated again for the Hungarian Grammy Award, Fonogram 2013 with their third album entitled Igyunk Pálinkát! (March, 2012)

At their 4th birthday party (September, 2012), the band recorded their first live DVD entitled Keep On Firkin, which gifted the green way to one of the most prestigious concert booking agency in Germany. Thus, Firkin has the chances to give their large amount of radiant energies to many more people all around out there.

'Firkin should not be seen, Firkin must be experienced! Firkin is good, firkin' good!'

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Firkinful of Beer 
Igyunk pálinkát! 
Keep on Firkin! 

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