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Skull  Nachtgeschrei  Skull


Risen from the ashes – In 2006, members of a death-metal band and a handful of folkies join to venture into uncharted waters… Unusual? Maybe. But also fueled by an undying desire to create something unique. Soon, Nachtgeschrei make a name for themselves with shows throughout Germany and Switzerland – In 2008 the band is the first ever unsigned to be booked for the Feuertanz

The same year has Nachtgeschrei signing with Massacre Records – The group’s debut album “Hoffnungsschimmer” is released not long afterwards. Concerts with the likes of Moonsorrow, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum as well as Subway to Sally, the Apokalyptischen Reiter or In Extremo follow.

From there, everything went quickly: A second album titled „Am Rande der Welt“ is released in 2009.

With an even sharper rocking edge, complex, yet straightforward compositions and catchy melodies, the 2009 material soon becomes Nachtgeschrei live-staples. The cover artwork is done by none less than the Californian master of visual gloom and doom, metal artist Travis Smith, who has designed
every Nachtgeschrei cover since. Wave Gotik Treffen, Rock Harz, Z7… The new album is followed by shows in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Austria. There is no time to rest…

Only one year later the band enters the studio once again: Even more exciting, more haunting and many facetted, Nachtgeschrei’s third output “Ardeo” spans the range between the raw power of rock and nuanced folk melodies. But what was to be a liberation blow nearly became the band’s swan

In 2011, Nachtgeschrei have their third album out in the stores. A clubtour in spring is followed by huge festival shows throughout the summer, before the band embarks on a nationwide tour with folk metal legends Subway to Sally. Taking to the sky, just like the iconic Ikarus artwork on the 2010 output
„Ardeo“. But the downfall lurks just around the corner: Singer Hotti feels unable to bear the pressure.

In 2012, the band is facing the end. Without their longtime frontman, a Best-Of compilation is released. Replacing Hotti? An impossibility, fans and press agree. The band begs to differ…

After a long and tiring search, Martin LeMar singer of progressive metal acts like Mekong Delta or Tomorrow’s Eve, joins the group. Together, they create what is probably the most exciting and iconic Nachtgeschrei album so far: „Aus Schwärzester Nacht“ - “from blackest night” – a name that says it

„Aus Schwärzester Nacht“ is passion, fire, spirit and excitement, but also melancholic nuances. Th group has taken a long look into its abyss to return even stronger… 14 songs between throwing sparks and dark undertones – „Aus Schwärzester Nacht“ is the beginning of something new. Fans and press
agree: The fourth Nachtgeschrei output comes as a highlight of the band’s career as well as the whole medieval folkrock genre. Upon release, the album becomes’s number one hard & heavy download for quite a while. At that time, the band is already gearing up for the stages: Club
and festival shows mark a triumphant comeback. In fall/winter 2013, the band joins folkrock icons Fiddler’s Green on their tour!

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Am Rande der Welt 
Aus Schwärzester Nacht 

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