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Wanted: W:O:A stories!

14.02.2014 11:09 - Age: 160 days
- By: WackenJasper

We are going to produce a film about our anniversary and need your help! We are looking for the most interesting, breathtaking, lovely, heartwarming and original stories concerning your WOA-experience.

Did you fall in love and meet your future partner at Wacken? Did you meet some guys and create a band? Did you meet an artist you admired and have an interesting anecdote to go with it? We are looking for the oldest and youngest fans, the most faithfull fans, the most exotic fans(the most remote parts of the world) and the craziest, longest, exotic fan groups. If you think your story is worth a feature on the 25th anniversary DVD, send an Email, if possible with fotos or videos to

If you have any old posters, T-Shirts, Tickets etc. please send us scans or pictures of those too. Looking forward to your stories!!!

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