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Wednesday 1st
04:00 PM
W.E.T. Stage


The word "asylum" is associated with both the ideas of protection and refuge, and of abandoned relics of a time when the mentally ill and unsound of mind were locked away.

No other word can better describe these four champions of the stigmatized, misunderstood, and underprivileged, hailing from the little known country of Suriname, South America. In a twist of irony, die-hard fans across Suriname and the broader Caribbean find acceptance and unity in the aggressive riffs, and groovy bass lines that
ASYLUM delivers and have made the band their own personal safe haven. Their songs touch on a variety of topics. From uncensoring the region's frustration with rampant political corruption in
"Dis Na Mi Kondre", the first of their songs partially written in their native language of Sranan Tongo, to songs like "Ascension" that deal with triumph over personal demons and becoming a better person, ASYLUM infuses elements of groove, thrash, and death metal with their own Surinamese flair to bring to the listener a sonic assault that leaves you with a pain in your neck and hunger for more. If you're a metal head, welcome to the ASYLUM! Band members are: Romeo Nanhekhan (vocals), Jose Terhoeven (drums), Chesron Yard (guitar), Andre Jantz (bass).

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2016 Dies na mi kondre, Ascencion, Enslaved” (singles)


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