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Formed in mid-2015, Godless is a five-piece Thrash/Death metal band from Hyderabad

. Godless features members who have been a part of the metal scene for quite a few years with their respective bands (Skrypt, Shock Therapy & Eccentric Pendulum).
The band plays a heavy, abrasive and raw brand of thrash-influenced
death metal with elements of both the new and old school.
Godless signed a record deal with the label - ‘Transcending Obscurity’
and released their debut EP on the 7th of May, 2016. The album was
met with rave reviews from all across the world. The EP was even rated
as one of the best releases across India on various websites and magazines
including Rolling Stone.The band has been busy touring in support of this
album. In 2017 the band embarked on what was one the biggest metal
tours held in India along with Psycroptic from Australia.
They also supported Behemoth, Jeff Loomis (US) on the Delhi leg of his India tour and Minshift (Sweden) on the Hyderabad leg of their India tour.
Godless have established themselves as a powerful force in the Indian
metal scene. They are one of the few bands to have toured so extensively
and booked gigs at the biggest metal venues in the country - all in their
very first year. Also popular for being one of the hardest working bands
in the scene, Godless aims at growing further and further.
Combined with the band's dark aesthetic, Godless offers a relentless visual
and aural live experience.

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2016 Transcending Obscurity’


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