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Friday 3rd
08:15 PM
Wasteland Stage


The Beast from the South East is back to blast Europe!

Jasad is one of Indonesias and Southeast Asia´s most legendary and popular brutal death metal bands, with a fan base reaching far from Asia around the metal world.

Hailing from the city of Bandung, considered by many as the metal capitol of Asia - Jasad have been blasting the Indonesian underground since the early 90´s.
Almost 25 years later Jasad finally came to infect Europe in 2015, with their ultra heavy, violently groovy and technically sick brutal death metal.
The response from the European crowds was absolutely overwhelming, marking a new milestone in their musical career and further establishing Jasad as an international death metal act.

Jasad is back in Europe again in 2018 to blast Wacken Open Air for the first time, and with their 4th studio album in the works, the timing couldn’t be any better. According to the band the new album will be ”darker, tighter and aggressive as fuck, the listeners will go insane”.

Jasad took a dash of their Western influence such as Suffocation, Devourment, Disgorge and early Decrepit Birth, mixed with a slice of their Indonesian local identity and created their own Frankenstein - a brutal death metal monster.
A beast from the Southeast.

This is pure Indonesian brutality at its´ best. You have been warned.
See you at The Wastelands.

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2001 Witness of Perfect Torture
2005 Annihilate the Enemy
2013 Rebirth of Jatisunda

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