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Thursday 2nd
11:50 AM
Headbanger Stage


Phenomy is a Lebanese Metal band formed by Loïc El Haddad and Rudy Bejjani in 2014. The band’s sound is a mixture of Thrash metal and Groove metal with Melodies, breakdowns and tribal/ethnic rhythms.

Only three month after its formation, Phenomy performed in several local gigs and in the Persian Metal and Rock Festival in Cannakale/Troya city in Turkey alongside big names like Orphaned Land. Later on, Phenomy released their first Album “Once And For All” and received good feedbacks from magazines and webzines like Metal Temple and MetalTalk before signing a distribution deal with “Via Nocturna” in 2017.
Phenomy Toured in the Summer of 2017 with the Swedish band Repay eastern European countries (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria).Phenomy supported the band “GRAVE” in Lebanon in October 2017.
The band released their second album “Threaten World Order” on March 2018.

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2016 Once and For All
2017 Day of Reckoning (single)
2018 Threaten World Order


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