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Wednesday 1st
12:40 PM
W.E.T. Stage


Phrenetix is a blend of old-school British Heavy Metal and modern Alternative/Prog metal music, bringing you the complexity and crooked riffs of the new age and the sound and traditions of 80’s American Thrash.

The band delivers relentless and intriguing music with harsh female vocals, unique and aggressive riffs and depicts raw emotional extremes in their lyrics and shows.
Phrenetix came together in 2013, and since then have been actively playing shows in Lithuania, including multiple times in major Lithuanian festivals (Kilkim Žaibų, Devilstone), sharing the stage with major metal bands. The band recorded their debut album ‘Fear’ in 2014 and received excellent reviews in Lithuania and abroad. In 2016, Phrenetix had the honor of opening for Testament in Vilnius and started to tour in Europe (Poland, Holland, Germany, etc.). In 2018, Phrenetix won the Lithuanian Wacken Metal Battle and continue scheduling tours, playing shows and already have finished writing material for their second album.

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2014 Fear


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