“Imagine a pack of rabid tumbleweeds sweeping across the hot desert sand of Mojave set on fire by the nearby explosion of a Dodge Challenger ‘69 driven into a fuel soaked pile of Orange Half-Stacks by four whole-body bearded lumberjacks dressed in bearskin.”

This sentence originated in 2013 as part of an attempt to describe a German band that had only just been tossed onto the face of the Earth: Plainride. Little did these guys know they had just created what would soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy of dramatic extent. Five years later, the band is ridiculously close to their own, ambitious vision of themselves. Let’s recap: Beards? Check. Orange Amps? Check. Mojave? Well, kinda.

When you’ve got Plainride spinning on your turntable you will hardly believe these boys are in fact not dyed-inthe-wool Californians: Sweat-dripping drums, high voltage guitars, wailing solos, and a voice so frenetic, one might assume the Beast himself took control of the mic, will send the listener down searingly hot west-coast highways covered in desert dust. Needless to say all that also comes with a complementary pair of very sexy sunglasses and at least one can of ice-cold beer.
That said, it comes to little surprise that Plainride eventually teamed up with Ripple Music of San Ramon, California, kicking things off with a re-release of “Return Of The Jackalope“.

While this is undeniably a huge step, Plainride keeps on rolling with their sympathetic down-to-earth attitude, as singer Max confirms: „We’re not a business band at any rate. Rehearsals are what makes my week worthwhile. Hanging and rocking out with the guys, frequenting shady concerts – that stuff is like sex to me: Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty damn good! The day we decide to stop making fun of ourselves should be the day someone takes away our guitars and punches us in the face.”

Beer-fueled banter aside, these guys aren’t in it just for the heck of it: “We always had the ambition to achieve as much as possible while staying true to our founding spirit. Signing with Ripple Music is an awesome and humbling opportunity for us and I’ll be damned if we’re not gonna work our asses off to honor that!”

Their ferocious debut album had originally been unleashed upon the listeners as a DIY-effort in the Summer of 2015, formidably fits anywhere between Fu Manchu, Clutch and Monster Magnet in the record shelf, and hardly pales in comparison. The re-issue was released on Feb 10th 2017 and is available on all platforms worldwide - digitally, on CD, and as a double LP. Distribution in Germany is covered by H’Art and promotion is taken care of by UK’s Sheltered Life PR.
In 2017, Plainride recorded their second album with Cologne-based producer and musician Marius Ley. Mix and mastering was done by no one less than Alberto de Icaza (Clutch, Crobot i.a.).

Thus, apart from all the things a true rock band needs - energy, groove, passion, an unquenchable thirst, and very sexy sunglasses - Plainride have proven their groundedness and only take themselves seriously when they have to. They regularly delight their fans with creative and humorous videos, one of which even made it onto the German Huffington Post’s website. Plainride clearly flourish in everything they do. This lightheartedness and enthusiasm resonates in the music and can be felt at every live performance.

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2015 Return Of The Jackalope

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