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Friday 3rd
10:30 PM


Running Wild never followed any musical trends. Their music impresses by raw untamed and natural born strength combined with inexorable, uncompromising and merciless power. Dominating rhythms, refrains like hymns, electrifying guitar riffs and a salient singing are more signs of that band coming from Hamburg, Germany. You won't find any squiggle or at least a ballad on any Running Wild record being produced till now. Running Wild can be proud of many fans being melted together by the band's honest music and their suitable attitude. Becoming authentic was a result of the straight use of real instruments instead of experimentating with synthesizers or playbacks. Within their lyrics Running Wild comment on war, suppression and the struggle for money. Furthermore they engage in the purposes of the so called outsiders in our society.

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1984 Gates to Purgatory
1985 Branded and Exiled
1987 Under Jolly Roger
1988 Port Royal
1989 Death or Glory
1991 Blazon Stone
1992 Pile of Skulls
1994 Black Hand Inn
1995 Masquerade
1998 The Rivalry
2000 Victory
2002 The Brotherhood
2005 Rogues en Vogue
2012 Shadowmaker
2013 Resilient
2016 Rapid Foray

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