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Wednesday 1st
02:45 PM
Headbanger Stage


Shiran - led by singer Shiran Avayou, is a modern Heavy Metal band that fuses both traditional metal music with heavy crisp sound and powerful riffs.

The band started as a studio project by Shiran Avayou and guitarist and producer Elram Boxer in the Krayot district in northern Israel. After releasing an EP in late 2015, the band started working on their debut full length.
Been a band in Israel was never easy, and Shiran didn't have it easier than others. Making a living out of music, especially metal music, was almost near impossible, but the two managed to gather a solid and driven line-up and by early 2018 it was seem that this pet project was truly solidifying into a full grown band. armed with the monstrous bass player sound of Yoni Biton and drummer extraordinaire Ron Amar, the band completed it sound with the joining the extra layers of guitars - provided by Johnny Tal and Amit Fortus in live performances.
Even on their first show it was understood that the music and the performance of this project-turned-band was outstanding and unique in the Israeli metal scene. After supporting Lacuna Coil in late 2017, and making a small Israeli tour around Israel, the band released their first album, called "Release The Bounds" independently in May 2018 and then right after charged with full force in order to prove themselves in the Israeli Metal Battle. Their distinctive sound and charismatic deliverance might not reinvent the metal wheel, but it does breath fresh air into the musical sails of the entire metal armada world wide - and one needs to both listen and see in order to get what Shiran brings to the table. Next stop: Wacken Open Air 2018

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2014 Warm Winter Day
2018 Release The Bounds


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