The W.A.R. Project was created in Summer 2016 to alow the current members of S A M A E L to perform the two first album of the band « Worship Him » and « Blood Ritual » with the original set up (Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocal).

The music of S A M A E L has evolved a lot throughout the years with the addition of keyboards and later with the use of drum computer. So in order to perform the old material the way it was originaly composed and recorded a jump back to the basic was needed.

W.A.R. is the return of old school black metal from the early 90's, a reminder of where it all began and the possibility for younger generation to experience two cult albums released a quarter of a century ago...

Line up:
Vorphalack: Guitar & Vorcals
Xytraguptor: Drums
Makro: Guitar
Drop: Bass

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1991 Worship Him
1992 Blood Ritual

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