Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 1994:

Ace Öf Spades Germany
Atrocity Germany
Chemical Breath Netherlands
Finally Deceased (former Deceased) Germany
Decision D Netherlands
Dixi Gunworks Germany
Easy Livin´ Germany
Gamma Ray Germany
Hannes Bauer & Orchester Germany
Gnadenlos Germany
Ken Templin USA
Many Acts Of Maniacs Germany
Moray USA
Pagandom Sweden
Paul Di´Anno´s Killers England
Prollhead Germany
Rausch Germany
Riff Raff Germany
Riverdogs USA
Roan Poland
Saintcatee Germany
Skyclad England
Stoney Rudolph & The Happy Mc Cardies Germany
Suiciety Germany
Tears For Beers Germany
The Tea Party USA
The Waltons Belgium
Torment Germany
U.K. Subs England
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