Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 1996:

Asylum Germany
Atrocity Germany
Bad Sister Germany
Big Nothing
Böhse Onkelz Germany
Crematory Germany
Desert Storm Austria
Dimple Minds Germany
Dritte Wahl Germany
Gorefest Holland
Grave Digger Germany
Grind Machine
Kingdom Come Germany
Kreator Germany
Manos Germany
OOMPH! Germany
Pyogensis Germany
Ramones Mania Israel
Randalica Germany
Ricochet Germany
Schweisser Germany
Secret Discovery Germany
Sieges Even Germany
Temple Of The Absurd Germany
Theatre Of Tragedy Norway
The Exploited England
The Gathering Netherland
Tom Angelripper Germany
Vicki Vomit Germany
Whils Germany
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