Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 1997:

Aion Poland
Alastis Switzerland
Amorphis Finland
Birth Control Germany
Dimmu Borgir Norway
Dismember Sweden
Dissection Sweden
Don Bosco
Fox Force Five Germany
Gainsay Germany
Grave Digger Germany
Grinning Sinner Germany
Hammerfall Sweden
Hassmütz Germany
In Flames Sweden
Iron Savior Germany
Late September Dogs Germany
Lake Of Tears Sweden
Love Gun USA
Motörhead England
Mummlox Germany
Overkill USA
Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchester Germany
Raven England
Rock Bitch England
Samael Switzerland
Saviour Machine USA
Scanner Germany
Sceptic Acceptance Sinner Germany
Sodom Germany
Steiger Germany
Subway To Sally Germany
Theatre Of Tragedy Norway
The Automanic Germany
Therion Sweden
Tom Angelripper Germany
Torment Germany
Totenmond Germany
U.D.O. Germany
Umbra Et Imago Germany
Undish Poland
Virgin Steele USA
Waltari Finland
Zed Yago Germany

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