Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 1998:

Am I Blood Finland
Angel Dust Germany
Anvil Canada
Arch Enemy Sweden
Atrocity Germany
Benediction England
Blind Guardian Germany
Blind Passenger Germany
Blitzkrieg England
Bonfire Germany
Borknagar Norway
Children Of Bodom Finland
Covenant Norway
Crack Up Germany
Cradle Of Filth England
Crematory Germany
Darkseed Germany
Dew-Scented Germany
Disbelief Germany
Doro Germany / USA
Dritte Wahl Germany
Edguy Germany
Gamma Ray Germany
Goddes Of Desire Netherlands
Gorgoroth Norway
Hades Almighty Norway
Haggard Germany
Heavenwood Portugal
Hollow Sweden
Holy Mother USA
Hypocrisy Sweden
Iced Earth USA
Iron Savior Germany
In Extremo Germany
J.B.O. Germany
Krabathor Czech Republic
Kreator Germany
Lacuna Coil Italy
Manos Germany
Nevermore USA
Night In Gales Germany
Nocturnal Rites Sweden
Old Man's Child Norway
Pegazus Australia
Postmortem USA
Primal Fear Germany
Raise Hell Sweden
Riot USA
Rough Silk Germany
Ryker's Germany
Sacred Steel Germany
Sadist Italy
Savatage USA
Sentenced Finland
Skyclad England
Soulburn Netherlands
Sons Of Damnation USA
Stahlhammer Germany
(Stigmata IV) Austria
Stratovarius Finland
Sundown Sweden
Sweet Noise Poland
Sweet Savage Ireland
Tom Angelripper Germany
Tankard Germany
Temple Of The Absurd Germany
Devin Townsend Canada
Unrest Germany
Vader Poland
Virgin Steele USA
Voivod Canada
Warrior USA

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