Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 1999:

Agent Steel USA
Amon Amarth Sweden
Angra Brazil
Atrocity Germany
Axel Rudi Pell Germany
Axxis Germany
Bewitched Chile
Blind Passengers Germany
Brainstorm Germany
Cannibal Corpse USA
Crematory Germany
Cult USA
Death SS Italy
Destiny´s End USA
Destruction Germany
Dimmu Borgir Norway
Edguy Germany
Eisregen Germany
Eläkeläiset Finland
Enslaved Norway
Europe Sweden
Fates Warning USA
God Dethroned Netherlands
Graveworm Italy
Hammerfall Sweden
Immortal Norway
In Aeternum Switzerland
In Extremo Germany
Jaguar England
Jag Panzer USA
Killer Belgium
Leatherwolf USA
Labyrinth Italy
Lefay Sweden
Marduk Sweden
Marshall Law England
Mayhem Norway
Memory Garden Sweden
Metal Church USA
Metalium Germany
Mercyful Fate Denmark
Mindfeed England
Mystic Circle Germany
Napalm Death England
Nevermore USA
Paradox Germany
Paragon Germany
Pariah England
Powergod Germany
Pretty Maids Denmark
Primal Fear Germany
Rage Germany
Razor Canada
Reverend Jürgen & Igor Germany
Richthofen Germany
Roland Grapow & Band Germany
Saxon England
Sinner USA
Six Feet Under USA
Solitude Aeternus USA
Spock´s Beard USA
Steel Prophet USA
Subway to Sally Germany
The Crown Sweden
Temple Of The Absurd Germany
Therion Sweden
Threshold England
Torment Germany
Totenmond Germany
Tristania Norway
Tygers Of Pan Tang England
The Gathering Netherlands
The Sygnet Germany
Tom Angelripper Germany
U.D.O. Germany
Uli John Roth Germany
Umbra et Imago Germany
Warrant Germany
Wardog USA
Warhammer Germany
Witchery Sweden
Whiplash USA

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