Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 2001:

16 Hell Ventiler Germany
Annihilator USA
Apocalyptischen Reiter Germany
Arch Enemy Sweden
Artch Norway
Behemoth Poland
Bionix Germany
Blackshine Sweden
Brainstorm Germany
Cage USA
Carnal Forge Sweden
Chinchilla Germany
Circle Of Grief Germany
Crematory Germany
Cryptopsy Canada
Crystal Shark Germany
Culprit USA
Dark Tranquillity Sweden
Death SS Italy
Deceased USA
Desaster Germany
Dimmu Borgir Norway
Exciter Canada
Exhumed USA
Exumer Germany
Finntroll Finland
Grave Digger Germany
Hammerfall Sweden
Helloween Germany
Holy Moses Germany
In Flames Sweden
Jag Panzer USA
Kamelot USA / Norway
Kju Germany
Knight Errant Tyrkey
Krisiun Brazil
Lacuna Coil Italy
Lost Horizon Sweden
Metalium Germany
Mortician USA
Motörhead England
Mägo de Oz Spain
Naglfar Sweden
Napalm Death England
Nasum Sweden
Nevermore USA
Night in Gales Germany
Nightfall Greece
Nightwish Finland
Nostradameus Sweden
Opeth Sweden
Overkill USA
Paragon Germany
Paul Dianno & Killers England
Primal Fear Germany
Rage Germany
Rawhead Rexx Germany
Sacraphyx South Africa
Saxon England
Silent Force Germany / USA
Sins Of Thy Beloved Norway
Smoke Blow Germany
Sodom Germany
Soilwork Sweden
Sonata Arctica Finland
Soul Doctor Germany
Stigma IV Austria
Subway to Sally Germany
Tad Morose Sweden
Tankard Germany
Deströyer 666 Australia
The Haunted Sweden
Impotent Sea Snakes USA
The Traceelords Germany
Therion Sweden
Trail Of Tears Norway
Vintersorg Sweden
Warhammer Germany
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