Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 2002:

Alabama Thunderpussy USA
Amon Amath Sweden
Angel Dust Germany
Angra Brazil
Avalanch Spain
Blaze England
Blind Guardian Germany
Blitzkrieg England
Borknagar Norway
Bruce Dickinson England
Candlemass Sweden
Cannibal Corpse USA
Children Of Bodom Finland
Criminal Chile
Debris Inc. (Members Of Trouble) USA
Destruction Germany
Dimple Minds Germany
Domine Italy
Dornenreich Austria
Doro Germany
Dream Evil Germany
Dying Fetus USA
Edguy Germany
Eisregen Germany
Evergrey Sweden
Exodus USA
Falconer Sweden
Fleshcrawl Germany
Green Carnation Norway
Haggard Germany
Heathen USA
Heavenly France
Hollenthon Austria
Hypocrisy Sweden
Immortal Norway
In Extremo Germany
Iron Savior Germany
J.B.O. Germany
Justice Germany
Kalmah Finland
Kotipelto Finland
Kreator Germany
Lock Up England
Macabre USA
Metalucifer Japan
Mezarkabul Turkey
Mob Rules Germany
Mörk Gryning Sweden
My Dying Bride England
Necrophobic Sweden
Nightmare France
Nocturnal Rites Sweden
Nuclear Assault USA
Onkel Tom Germany
Pretty Maids Denmark
Primordial Ireland
Pungent Stench Austria
Raven Enland
Rebellion Germany
Red Aim Germany
Rose Tattoo Australia
Rottweiler USA
Sabbat England
Savatage USA
Shakra Switzerland
Sinergy Finland
Stormwarrior Germany
Stormwitch Germany
Suidakra Germany
Thunderstone Finland
Torfrock Germany
U.D.O. Germany
Unleashed Sweden
Vanden Plas Germany
Vicious Rumors USA
Vision Divine Italy
Vomitory Sweden
Warlord USA
Wizard Germany
Wolf Sweden
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