Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 2003:

Ancient Rites Belgium
Annihilator USA
Assassin Germany
Bai Bang Sweden
Callenish Circle Netherlands
Carpathian Forest Norway
Circle II Circle USA
Dark Age Germany
Dark Angel USA
Dark Funeral Sweden
Darkane Sweden
Dew-Scented Germany
Diamond Head England
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Germany
Dismember Sweden
Eidolon Canada
Evidence One Germany
Extreme Noise Terror England
Freedom Call Germany
Gamma Ray Germany
Graveworm Italy
Heaven Shall Burn Germany
Human Fortress Germany
In Flames Sweden
Kataklysm Canada
Lordi Finland
Lotto King Karl Germany
Malevolent Creation USA
Masterplan Norway / Germany
Metalium Germany
Nile USA
Obscenity Germany
Onkel Tom Germany
Oratory Portugal
Primal Fear Germany
Psychopunch Sweden
Rage Germany
Raise Hell Sweden
Raunchy Denmark
Rotting Christ Greece
Running Wild Germany
Sentenced Finland
Seventh One Sweden
Sinister Netherlands
Sinner USA / Germany
Slayer USA
Soilwork Sweden
Sonata Arctica Finland
Stratovarius Finland
Subway To Sally Germany
Symphorce Germany
Testament USA
The Almighty Punchdrunk Canada
The Crown Sweden
Thyrfing Sweden
Twisted Sister USA
Twisted Tower Dire USA
V8 Wankers Germany
Vader Poland
Victims Of Madness Germany
Victory Germany
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