Folgende Bands spielten auf dem W:O:A 2004:

After Forever Netherlands
Amon Amarth Sweden
Anthrax USA
Arch Enemy Sweden
Artefact France
Astral Doors Sweden
Bal-Sagoth England
Brainstorm Germany
Böhse Onkelz Germany
Cannibal Corpse USA
Cathedral England
Children Of Bodom Finland
Death Angel USA
Destruction Germany
Dio England
Dionysus Sweden
Disbelief Germany
Doro & Warlock 86 Germany / USA
Dr. Rock Argentinia
Ektomorf Hungary
Eläkeläiset Finland
Engine Of Pain Netherlands
Everfest Germany
Feinstein USA
Grave Digger Germany
Griffin USA
Gun Barrel Germany
Gutbucket Germany
Helloween Germany
Hobbs Angel Of Death Australia
Hypocrisy Sweden
J.B.O. Germany
Knorkator Germany
Kotipelto Finland
Mambo Kurt Germany
Mayhem Norway
Methedras Italy
Misery Index USA
Mnemic Denmark
Motörhead England
Mystic Prophecy Germany
Nevermore USA
Nocturno Culto Norway
Orphanage Netherlands
Paragon Germany
Quireboys Japan
Raunchy Denmark
Reckless Tide Germany
Satan England
Satyricon Norway
Saxon England
Schandmaul Germany
Sufferage USA
Supersoma Germany
The Rods USA
Thora Germany
Thunderstone Finland
Unleashed Sweden
Vanguard Finland
Voodoma Germany
Weinhold Germany
Zodiac Mindwarp England
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